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All members of Study Association Mundus receive their personal Munduscard when they become a member, but what can you do with it? You can find a list of all the deals below.


Bookshop Dekker v.d. Vegt

A 10% discount on second-hand articles, foreign books, agendas and calendars. 

Café Samson

A beer menu, handpicked by the waiter, consisting of 3 beers will be offered for €10 on Sunday until Wednesday.

Café van Ouds

Members of Mundus will receive four different draft beers and a small snack for 10 euros.

Café Wunderkammer

Members of Mundus receive one free portion of nachos when ordering two drinks (except when ordering tea or coffee).

Domino's Pizza

A 10% discount on 1 pizza, a 20% discount on 2 pizzas and a 30% discount on 3 pizzas or more. This applies to the Domino’s locations in Nijmegen only and you can only get the discount when you choose to deliver your pizzas.


A 10% percent discount on exam training. You can receive an activation code by asking the board. Most of these exam trainings are in Dutch.

DressMe Clothing

Members of Mundus receive a 10% discount on their order when showing their Munduscard

KNAG (Royal Dutch Geographical Association)

You can become a member for only €35 a year. Members receive the magazine Geografie (in Dutch) nine times a year. Next to this you get access to the online archives and get a discount on the excursions organised by KNAG.


When showing the Munduscard, members can get 10% discount on everything of Salade2Go, except for the current discounts. When you want to order online, members can use the discountcode Mundus2022 for the same amount of discount.


When showing their Munduscard members can get 1 litre beer on the draft tables for 10 euros. Next to this members can enjoy some snacks with 10% discount.


Members of Mundus can get 10% discount on an examtraining via the next link: https://tentamen.training/2Z81qki

Wineshop in de Blauwe Druif

A 10% discount on the whole assortment, except for products that already have a discount on them and boxes.