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MundusNEXT is the committee that brings the members of Mundus in contact with their future because it is important to think about the possibilities within your future career. This is relevant within your masters as well as during your time as a bachelor student. This orientation is also important to find suiting minors, elective courses or even to find out which master suits you best.

With the goal to connect the members of Mundus and keeping the labour market in mind,  we organise a whole plethora of activities. We organise a few lunch lectures throughout the year, where we offer lunch and an interesting lecture from a professional about a specific subject or project that is relevant within our field of study, during the lunch break. 

Furthermore, we are responsible for the organisation of company visits. We are invited to come and take a look within a company where we will learn about what they are doing, how they complete or work on projects, and so on.

Finally, the Career Event. This is the biggest event organised by the MundusNEXT committee. On a single day, we will invite many representatives of different companies, institutions and other places where we can find our future jobs. These representatives will give us workshops and training to prepare us for the labour market. We often also invite a recruiter to help us with job application skills, first impressions and body language. Afterwards, we have a social drink to get to know the companies you are interested in and get to know them better.

We can be contacted by emailing to: mundusnext@gmail.com