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The EIC organises two kinds of activities. These are the three Lectures on Location (LoLs) and the Multi-day Excursion. 

What is a LoL exactly? Well, during a LoL we will travel to a city (or two) to experience in real life what is happening over there. This is related to social geography, spatial planning and/or environmental sciences. In this way, we try to deepen the knowledge of the students by giving a case example of the effects the legislation and development have on the area and its inhabitants. Simply said, we try to make the content of our study visible by visiting the location.

In the Multi-day Excursion (ME) we bring the concept of the LoL to the rest of Europe. It is basically a LoL lasting an entire weekend. On our destination, we will visit interesting projects and we follow lectures that cover problems specific to that city. There is also enough time to relax or to party. In the last few years, we went to Berlin, Sofia, Nice and Vienna. Where a full programme has lead us to interesting lectures, city tours and of course a pub crawl.

In 2022 the Multi-day Excursion will go to Prague!

Excursion and Content Committee 2021-2022: Laurie Anedda, Jonas Bijlsma, Nicolas Sleurink, Stijn van Wandeloo, Anna Killaars en Maike de Groot.