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EGEA Nijmegen is one of the approximately 90 entities within a European network, where geography students organise all sorts of activities. These include, but are not limited to, congresses, seminars, exchanges and excursions. EGEA Nijmegen organises exchanges and events, as part of Mundus and EGEA Europe. In the last few years, we have organised exchanges with EGEA Halle, Joensuu, Leuven, Bangor and Aachen. An example of past events we have (partly) organised are: the Selfmade Land Experience where EGEAns had a midweek in Fort Penningsveer (UNESCO world heritage site). Here the history of urban and environmental planning in the Netherlands has been explored in combination with loads of fun activities like a pub quiz.  

The EGEA committee organises its own activities, but everyone can join activities all around Europe. This way, you can meet other geography students of different nationalities and learn from each other, through study-related activities and a lot of fun activities. The highlights of the year are the Annual Congress (AC) and the different Regional Congresses. For us, this is the Western Regional Congress (WRC). A congress is a week filled to the brim with workshops, excursions, training, a culture market, a beer-drinking contest, theme parties and much more.

Everyone can become a member of EGEA by creating an account, which is completely without obligations. The EGEA committee organises an open lunch meeting where we discuss the upcoming events and updates within EGEA, with an added bonus of free snacks! So be sure to drop by!

In the name of EGEA Nijmegen a group currently hard at work with the organisation of the BeNDeLux weekend (November 8-10). A fun weekend with all kinds of informal activities and relaxation. A part of EGEA Nijmegen (with EGEA Utrecht) is also part of the EGEA Europe committee that organises AC 2020. You can join one or both the events on the EGEA website

The other Dutch entities are in Amsterdam, Groningen and Utrecht. The other Dutch entities are in Amsterdam, Groningen and Utrecht. For more information about EGEA, you can check out the website or send a mail to nijmegen@egea.eu.

EGEA Nijmegen 2021-2022: Linus Bertram and Felix Ellenbroek.