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Mundus is the study association for students of Human Geography, Spatial Planning and Environment & Society studies. Mundus has around 600 members, of which around 40 are active members. These active members work in 12 different committees, organising formal and informal activities. These activities vary from our monthly social drinks to the annual Career Event and the Foreign Excursions.

Before Mundus was founded there were multiple study associations to represent the students of Human Geography, Spatial Planning and Environment & Society studies. When the studies of Human Geography and Spatial Planning were first taught at the Radboud University in the 50s, the study association Marco Polo was brought to life. In the 70s they were replaced by the Socialistic Union for Human Geographers and Spatial Planners. In the 90s Mundus was a committee of Phoenix, the faculty association of the faculty of political science.

In 2001 however, there were some alterations in the faculties of the university. From then on, Human Geography, Spatial Planning and Environment & Society studies would become a part of the School of Management. On the 28th of August 2001 Study Association Mundus was founded. For students with interest in Environment & Society studies Study Association Milieuprisma was founded in 1989, but from 2012 onwards these students were also made part of Mundus for Milieuprisma changed into a foundation.

Study Association Mundus is bound to its Articles of association. In the Articles of association it is mentioned that Mundus has the following goal:

“To help the students that study Human Geography, Spatial Planning and/or Environment & Society studies. The association tries to achieve this goal by:

  • Supplying study materials for a reasonable price;
  • Boosting contact between its members;
  • Organising (other) activities for the benefit of its members;
  • Cooperating with corporations with the same goal;
  • Using lawful means that could boost the goal of the association