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The XXth board introduces theirselves: Treasurer - Marcus Schmeits

Published: 30-09-2020

Hey everyone,

I’m Marcus Schmeits and this year I am, as you may already know, the treasurer of Mundus. With 20 years of life experience and born in July I’m the youngest of our board, but that doesn’t mean I’m the least serious! Of these 20 years I lived 18 in the beautiful gorgeous bustling grandiose city of Sittard, a city in the southern province of Limburg. Nijmegen felt almost directly as a home for me as a city a few kilometres away from the border of Limburg. This is among other reasons why I still have pleasure in studying the Bachelor Geography, Planning & Environment where I’m currently in my third year. Before I became a board member, I was already quite active at Mundus and her committees, such as the Leisure Committee and EGEA Nijmegen. I also used the Mundus Room as a study location and the place to cure my hangovers. The second one I can recommend, the first one less. Those hangovers aren’t there without reason because you can find me quite often in the bars in the city centre.


When my liver is in a recovery period then I prefer to do non-alcoholic things with friends. Now and then that means sports (is pool a sport?), sometimes doing social games, learning random trivia as practice for 30 Seconds or quoting vines unironically. Those trivia subjects can be about anything as long as it isn’t about football. You can ask me how to travel between the two random railway stations in the Netherlands, which American president was only president for 32 days and what the link is between carrots and the Dutch Monarchy. But when you are brave enough to challenge me in a game expect a fanatic opponent who isn’t afraid to play hard.


Hopefully I can soon play games again with you in the Mundus Room or one of our activities. And if you need some tips on how not to study, I got your back!\