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The XXth board introduces theirselves: Secretary - Franka Noordam

Published: 29-09-2020

Hi hi, today I have to honour of introducing myself! ‘I’ is Franka Noordam and this year I will be secretary of this wonderful study association. That mainly means a lot of typing in multiple ways: answering mails, posting things on social media, making minutes, fighting with our website, making pictures on activities and some other tiny technical chores.


Of course, I can tell more about myself instead of talking about what I do for Mundus. I am from a very tiny town called Wilp-Achterhoek (also named Wilp-Backcorner) surrounded by meadows, 20 years old and already two years proud inhabitant of this city. I am in my 3rd year bachelor of GPM(or E), and I follow some courses here-and-there. My thesis will be postponed a year, so I can focus mostly on Mundus.

Furthermore, I like to do things with music, I play the guitar and am practically married to my headphones. I like sports, the gym in the same building as the Mundusroom is very ideal. I am really clumsy and sometimes a bit chaotic, but I thanks that works hand in hand. I can be somewhat stubborn, I won’t stop fixing something until it works. I like the winter (when is finally starts snowing again…), travelling, taking pictures, sleeping, red wine and reading nonsensical things in the middle of the night. Things I like less are ‘small’ animals (insects), mornings and people who walk slow. And doing the dishes.


What I think is the great thing about Mundus, is getting to know lots of people, in different years. Besides, you will be involved even more in your study, because the theme ‘vinexwijken’ doesn’t work that good on most birthdays. Also, being enthusiastic about Sovjet-flats while on a trip is enjoyable.

Hopefully, I will meet everyone soon and can we talk instead of mail. Come visit the Mundusroom, I will make (too strong) coffee for you with pleasure or make some tea :)