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The XXth board introduces theirselves: Commissioner of Internal Affairs - Femke Bos

Published: 01-10-2020

Dear Mundusmembers,

My name is Femke, and this year you’ll be able to see me at all activities, and in the Mundusroom of course. This is because I’ve been appointed as the new Commissioner of Internal Affairs. Some of you are active members in committees, and this makes me very happy, as it gives me something to do this year. My job this year is to guide and enthusiast the committee members, and I hope to do it well. Next to this, I keep in contact with the section GPE which helps keep me up to date with everything regarding the GPE education.

I am a third years bachelor student this year and asides from my board work I’m attempting to free some time to complete the Sustainability Challenges minor. Don’t hesitate to wave or chat when you see me in a zoom meeting, or preferably in the EOS building at uni. When you don’t see me there, you might find me behind the bar at the restaurant I work at, or in front of the bar anywhere else in the city centre. I don’t often let a chance to have some drinks (or go dancing, somewhere in the future) go to waste.

Fortunately, my room is in the city centre itself, which makes it a lot easier to get home after a fun evening. I hope to be able to welcome you here for one of my favourite activities, diner-rouler! This is where my inner chef comes out, and I get to use the cooking I learned while growing up. This was in the lovely small town of Ellecom, which only has a thousand inhabitants and is about a half-hour drive from Nijmegen. I’ve moved here two years ago, and couldn’t be happier than with the Kronenburgerpark, Waalstrand and of course the best study association of all 😉

I hope to see you all this year during the activities, in the Mundusroom, and on rare days maybe even in the lecture halls. I look forward to meeting all new people, and to all the awesome activities the committees will put out this year. See you then!