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The XXth board introduces theirselves: Commissioner of External Affairs - Fleur van Zuijlen

Published: 02-10-2020

Hi everyone!


My name is Fleur van Zuijlen, I’m 20 years young and I’m from a small city in the North of our country, named Hasselt. This year I’m honoured to be the commissioner of External Affairs in the XXth board of Study Association Mundus. I am responsible for all external contact, PR and discounts with your Munduscard (you should really use them!). Next to that, I’m also third year bachelorstudent of GPE and I have been living in Nijmegen for two years now.


I am very excited to be in the board this year, but I am also hoping to be learning a lot. It’s great to have a look at the labour market and to check out the possibilities after your ‘student life’! Because next to partying, having loads of fun and studying now and then, it is also important to focus on your future, which is just around the corner…


I am also hoping to do my bit to the rich history of Study Association Mundus. As a first year student I had a warm welcome at Mundus. After this, I’ve attended a lot of activities with much fun! It seemed nice to me that I could organise such activities as well and put in effort for the bigger good. I get much energy, happiness and satisfaction out of being there for the members of Mundus, meeting new people and making memories.


This year may be tough and scary because of the striking Covid-19 virus. It is going to be a big challenge, and we will be confronted with a lot of dilemmas. Nevertheless, I am very excited to be managing Mundus together with my fellow board members. I entrust we will make the right decisions and come up with the right alternatives. We are going to put our best feet forward, have a lot of fun, and organise the craziest activities!


I hope I will meet you all, may that be at one of our activities, may that be at the Mundusroom (where you can have the best coffee, btw!)


Fleur van Zuijlen