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The XXth board introduces theirselves: Chairman - Anke van Gils

Published: 27-09-2020

My name is Anke van Gils and this year I’m honoured to call myself the chair(wo)man of Mundus. I’ve celebrated my 21st birthday a few months ago, which makes me the eldest one of the Mundus board. And therefore of course also the wisest. I finished my GPE Bachelor’s last year and now I’ve started on the Human Geography Master’s programme of Conflicts, Territories and Identities here at Radboud University. I was born and raised in the southern province of Brabant, where I’ve lived in the small village of Duizel for as long as I can remember. I grew up with a lot of pets and I still love animals a lot (except for fish). I like talking, I’m really tidy and I have the weird habit of doing household chores when I come home after going out until 5 am. You can wake me up at any hour for cheese, because I really, really love cheese.

To blow of some steam I often do sports. Especially running, yoga, horse riding (yes that counts as a sport) and playing squash are some of my favourite activities. I’m also a huge nerd for books, and in my spare time I read about everything that’s in between 19th century literature and the user instructions for the microwave. Don’t come to me for Netflix advise, but if you are looking for your next book to read you can always contact me. Furthermore, I really like being outdoors for going on walks or for watering my quarantine vegetable garden.

You’ll probably think ‘okay nice, my grandma has about the same hobbies’, but don’t worry. I’m also able to enjoy having a wine (or mineral water) in the city center. Feel free to approach me at the university, to come by at the Mundusroom for a cup of coffee or to send me a message if you have any questions on whatever. For me, meeting new people is one of the best aspects of doing a board year and despite of the situation around COVID-19 I really hope to meet you all this year, either face-to-face or online!