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Study association Mundus offers summaries of most bachelors courses to help you as good as possible with studying. These summaries are made by and sold to Mundusians. Mundus buys new summaries every year and sells these a few years. Every year all the summaries are checked if they are still up-to-date with the curriculum to be used for another year.

The cost for a single summary is €2. These will be printed for you. It is not allowed to spread the summaries without the consent of Mundus.

You can buy a summary by asking a board member or by sending an e-mail to info@mundusnijmegen.nl

Mundus has summaries for the courses mentioned in the table below. If you want to sell your summary to Mundus, please send an e-mail to intern@mundusnijmegen.nl

Firstyears Secondyears Electives/Others
Inleiding GPM Approaches to Space and Environment Fysische geografie
OIM-a Quantitative Methods Practising Spatial Theories
Factor Aarde Globalising Worlds Gebiedsontwikkeling
Ruimtelijke transformaties Recht en instituties Legitimatie van veiligheidsbeleid
Visies op de stad Economie van de Managementwetenschappen Natural resources, conflict and governance
OIM-b Sustainable intervention methods Terrorisme, beeld en veiligheid
Mapping 1.0 Stedelijke economie Space and Environment in the EU
Filosofie Theorising Spatial Practises Institutional Perspectives
Environment & Society