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The Programme Committee (OLC) provides an opportunity for student-members to contribute to discussions about the quality and organization of education at the programme level. The Committee comprises five student-members and five lecturers. They are authorized to give solicited or unsolicited advice about the teaching programme. Evaluations (including those from the panel groups) are used to make recommendations about improving the teaching programmes. Students can come to the student-members with any questions, complaints or comments they may have about programmes.

Do you want to join the OLC? The studentmembers will be usually be chosen in the electionweek in May. The current members are:


  • prof. dr. E. (Erwin) van der Krabben, chair
  • dr. R.G. (Rianne) van Melik
  • dr. ir. L. (Lothar) Smith, secretaris
  • dr. M.A. (Mark) Wiering


  • mw. J. (Jol) Beset, secretary
  • dr. ir. M. (Mathijs) van Leeuwen, CICAM
  • dr. B.M.R. (Martin) van der Velde, bachelor coordinator
  • drs. J.M. (Jackie) van de Walle, study adviser


  • Matthijs Ham, third years  bachelor student, chair
  • Femke Bos, second years bachelor student, secretary
  • Fleur van Zuijlen, second years bachelorstudent
  • Wouter van 't Grunewold, master student Spatial Planning
  • Paul van der Horst, master student Spatial Planning

The student members of the Programme committee are happy to receive input. Any student can do this, possibly anonymously, by sending an email to olcgpm@student.ru.nl, addressing the representative of his or her year personally or sending a message via the Facebook page. You can subscribe to this Facebook page to stay informed.



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