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Vitens is the largest drinking water company in The Netherlands. We deliver top quality drinking water to over 5.7 million people and companies 24/7. Every year, we produce and deliver about 350 million m³ drinking water. Together with over 1400 employees, we extract and purify water at almost 100 production sites and distribute this to our customers through 50.000 kilometres of water mains.


As a water company, we are at the centre of society. We

depend and anticipate on developments in society, such as the demand for drinking

water, energy transition, climate change, digitalisation and economic growth.


All those developments in society cause many challenges. An example is our sources.

To deliver top-quality drinking water, we depend on a sufficient number of groundwater sources, and these sources are vulnerable. Their quality and availability are influenced by factors such as climate change and economic activity. Similarly, the production of drinking water influences the environment. We must, therefore, possess a perfect view of the connection between our activities and those of others, both above and below the ground.

Next to that, society is digitalising; a rapid process that offers many possibilities to

optimise our reliability, resilience, supply of information and service to customers. We

see opportunities for real-time monitoring of the production and distribution of drinking

water, for automating these processes and for making the right choices based on insight

whenever we have to solve problems. In this manner, we can improve our reaction to

changes in water quantity and quality and communicate transparently and proactively

about it. Also, we cannot ignore national and international challenges, such as energy

transition, circular economy and sustainability. Therefore, we invest in the knowledge and resources that are necessary to render our drinking water infrastructure sustainable.


Do you accept these challenges? We offer a broad range of internships, starters functions

and our traineeship. Read more and apply on werkenbijvitens.nl