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Transformation of vulnerable areas, this is what Seinpost is known for! Their goal is to realise economic vital and livable areas. They often work in vulnerable areas and in municipalities where economic performance is lagging behind. Seinpost is also active in municipalities that want to profile themselves economically within a strong region.

No standard consulting firm

Seinpost does research and gives advice, but it doesn't stop there. They also take responsibility for the opinions. They ensure that they are actually implemented, making it even more pleasant to live, work and recreate in these villages and towns. They are committed to (genuine) cooperation between individual citizens, entrepreneurs, regions, cities, neighbourhoods and villages that leads to sustainable change and is thus the key to success. In other words: the area is the client!

Broad expertise

Seinpost draws up (economic) visions, policy plans and implementation programmes for shopping areas, village centres and town centres, catering (locations), markets and work locations, municipalities and regions. They also apply their experience to the smooth and diplomatic fitting of contentious provisions, where parties are opposed to each other. In places where the choice of location of a controversial facility (Not In My Back Yard, 'NIMBY') causes a lot of unrest. In the belief that liveability and economy are inextricably linked. The leading leisure economy consultancy, ZKA Leisure Consultants, is part of their organisation. This allows them to respond even better to issues around the changing inner city. Seinpost uses a network of partners that are enabled when an assignment so requests.

Involved consultants make the difference

Seinpost's advisors are knowledgeable, creative, result-oriented, flexible and always have an eye for (improving) cooperation. But above all, they are often told that they excel because of their involvement. That's what seinpost has been making to the agency for over 30 years with Look at Opportunities!