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What do we do? Companen has a role to play in the housing market. Our advisors bring parties together and create new coalitions. We are continuously involved by visions and concepts that have an effort to the optimal living environment. Everywhere in the Netherlands: in a city or village.

Because we are well updated on local situaties we know the specific forces. We speak the language of the different target groups and we acknowledge the wide ranging interests.

Companen inspires, connects and advises. We support involved parties when doing housing market research a.o.. 


Would you like to do an internship with us?

Companen has often place motivated interns. As an intern you’ll be involved by research concerning the housing market, quarter planning for municipalities, the government and more. When doing an internship at Companen you get the opportunity to achieve a broad experience. Whether it’s dealing and analysing survey results or offering consult in interactive processes with inhabitants. 



Are you interested to do an internship or do you want some more information? Then you can contact Vera Gijsbers (Gijsbers@companen.nl) or Koen van der Most (Most@companen.nl). You can send a mail or call (026) 351 25 32.